Going overseas on a working holiday will definitely be an unforgettable experience. So make the most out of it. Work hard. Play hard.. Travel heaps. That’s how it should be on your working holiday. So let’s focus on the travel heaps part now… As DIY-OE is the independent information hub created by travellers for travellers, we have heaps of travel info to share. So here are our secrets on how to find great travel deals to see more of Europe, USA, Canada, or wherever you’ll go on your OE.

Travel deals by DIY-OE

Work hard, play hard, and travel heaps. See more on your OE!

 Travel deals from your mates at DIY-OE

Don’t want to wait or read our tips on how to find the best travel deals? So you want to see the travel deals we have in store for you straight away. Well here they are….

As we do not sell anything ourselves (we’re an independent information hub), we simply publish the travel deals we come across. We’ve put the best ones on our pages, so you don’t have to go anywhere else (bookmark us now!).

Our tips on finding cheap travel deals

By using these tips from experienced fellow travellers, you’ll always able to find awesome travel deals, allowing you to travel heaps while on your working holiday.

  • Plane, train, or car? – Nowadays prices are more or less the same for travelling by plane, train, or car. Today it all depends on how flexible you want to be, how fast you want to be there, and how much you want to see along the way. See for yourself and compare the amazing deals we’ve found for you: plane vs train vs car.
  • Be flexible – Don’t get too hung up on the dates you want to travel. Going a day early or coming back a day later, means you can find even travel deals. Simply with the dates in the booking system of an airline or train company.
  • Look around – Is there another airport nearby the city you want to go to? Then compare prices to that one also. Don’t forget about some of the small regional airports. Playing with the departure or arrival airport often means you can find even cheaper travel deals.
  • Book early – Just put the laid back Kiwi attitude aside and be a plan-oholic for once. Often the earlier you book, the better travel deals you get.
  • A stopover ain’t so bad – Direct flights are fast and convenient, but often more expensive. You can sometimes save heaps of money by flying non-direct. The benefit is that you get to check off another airport (and city) of your list. In case you’re wondering how to kill time at a foreign airport, have a look at these interesting tips in our airport survival guide. Of course, on a roadtrip it’s all about the stopovers. Travelling by car gives you the ultimate flexibility.
  • Try different airlines – Find out what other airlines are flying to your desired destination and check out there websites for special travel deals.
  • Go straight to the source – Always check where you can find the lowest fare. So either go straight to the airline’s or car hire company’s site or use a power search engine for finding rockbottom deals. The first often have a lowest fare guarantee, while the latter search all available travel sites and airline sites so they definitely will fins you an amazing deal.
  • Compare total prices – When comparing full service airlines and budget airlines, make sure you compare the total price. Many cheap airlines have extremely low ticket prices but will add a fee for checking in luggage, payment fees, handling fees etc. It pays to compare travel deals.
  • Bookmark DIY-OE for the best deals in one place – Check out our travel deal pages regularly to find the best deals on travel in Europe, USA, and Canada. Plus we’ll help you finding special offers on travel from Europe and of course the lowest available fares from New Zealand to amazing cities worldwide. Travel happy, travel cheap.

That’s it. With these tips and our lists of cheap travel deals (bookmark this page now!) you can be sure to spend the minimum of your hard earned money on travel itself, leaving you with more to spend on the road. Or travel even more often. The world is your mp3 player, you create the playlist. Because it’s your OE.


More tips for finding awesome travel deals can be found below. Travel cheap, see heaps.

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