DIY-OE is the travel blog that will provide you with your daily dose of travel inspiration. Each day we’ll select the most interesting, fun, and inspirational stories, photos, and videos from travellers from around the world and post these on DIY-OE. No matter your travel plans, every traveller will get inspired. It’s a big world out there, where will you be travelling to next?

Plus on the DIY-OE travel blog we’ll post travel blog posts from the road and tips from us and fellow travellers. Travelling is what we live for. It’s a big world out there and we want to explore it all. We travel heaps, meet like-minded people, and will post travel stories and photos from every traveller who has something of interest to tell. Simply post your photos and videos with the right hashtags and our travel blog will pick it up. Have a longer story to tell? Contact us for submitting a blog post.

What to expect at the DIY-OE travel blog

DIY-OE travel blog is run by travellers like you… We talk the same language: travel. We just write about the stuff we come across on the road, take heaps photos, and post it on our travel blog. No matter the topic, as long as it has to do with travel and/or of interest to fellow travellers we blog about it. And we love posting travel stories we receive from others. Travelling is all about sharing stories and tips… That’s why we created travel blog DIY-OE.

So far we have published travel stories about the following countries on the DIY-OE travel blog:

  • Holland: a small country that has so much to offer. We’ve visited cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague but also the smaller cities in the eastern (like Enschede) or southern part (like Limburg) of Holland (or The Netherlands, it’s the same diff). As the Dutch love to save money we learned a few tricks from them on never paying full price in Holland. All that and more can be found here on our travel blog.
  • Germany: ah Germany, the country with funky cities like Berlin and the Oktoberfest parties in cities like Muenchen. So much to see and so much to do. We love going back to Germany to explore more. We have so much more stories to tell on this travel blog.
  • Spain: when we arrived in Europe, we started looking for the sun year-round. We found a place in Spain like that, Seville was the city that offered it all for us. From there we travelled through Spain to discover cities like Barcelona and Madrid. And soon we’ll move on to Valencia and further. There’s more to come on the DIY-OE travel blog.
  • Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, and the surrounding areas is where our love with Italy started. The northern part of Italy is pretty much coverered here, but the rest is still open to blog about. We’re on our way soon.
  • Denmark: the land of LEGO, but Denmark has more to offer than just that. What? Well the vibrant city of Copenhagen for instance. Start there and you’ll get to know the rest of the country. Oh and don’t forget the Roskilde festival in Denmark. All those things can of course be found on the DIY-OE travel blog. When we’ve been there, we blog about it. That’s our promise to you. Share the travel stories!